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CCF-pcc-126_mistLos Angeles County is home to some of the world’s highest-ranked universities and colleges, yet it is failing to produce the number of college graduates needed to sustain and grow its own economy. By 2025, 40 percent of California’s jobs will require a bachelor’s degree, yet nearly half of L.A.’s 9th graders will not complete high school. Most who do graduate will lack the classes required to apply to a four-year college. And those who are able to enroll face significant financial obstacles, including skyrocketing tuition, limited scholarships and financial aid and crippling student loan debt. The result is a projected shortfall of 2.3 million degree holders over the next decade that threatens the economic future of the region.

Studies have shown that students with a bachelor’s degree gain an additional $1 million in lifetime earning potential, which means our entire local economy benefits when L.A. students graduate from college. But it’s about more than just money. College graduates are healthier, less likely to become involved in the justice system and more civically engaged. CCF and the College Futures Foundation, along with investors across Los Angeles and the country, have committed more than $15 million to establish the Los Angeles Scholars Investment Fund (LASIF) in order to address this impending crisis.

While LASIF is one of the largest scholarship providers in Los Angeles County, we also know that scholarships alone aren’t enough. Acting as part high-performing mutual fund, part innovation incubator, LASIF combines multi-year scholarships with additional support and resources proven to help students graduate. The fund’s holistic approach supports programs and agencies that increase college readiness, help students and families access all available public financial support and provide counseling, mentorship and other supports designed to get students to and through college.

To date, LASIF has provided more than 26,000 low-income Angeleno students with college access and success services and helped LASIF scholars enroll and succeed in colleges and universities across the United States. Thanks to LASIF combination of scholarship and other support, 90 percent of students in its inaugural class of 2013 have persisted to their third year of college.

Learn more about LASIF’s impact and meet our 2016-17 LASIF partners.

For more information, visit our LASIF resource library or contact Kelly King, LASIF director.

For information regarding grant opportunities and reporting requirements, please click here.

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