The Pass It Along Fund was established by anonymous donors with one purpose: to help people at a moment of critical need without expecting anything in return. The original donors required that 100 percent of the money go directly to assist recipients within 72 hours of the request, with no obligations except to pass along two acts of kindness. Continue reading to uncover stories about how the Fund has made an impact in the lives of those recipients.

Kyra’s Story

Kyra had a problem— after spending years as an in-home healthcare provider, she was struggling to make ends meet. She was ready to take her career to the next level but lacked the funding to further her education. Kyra needed help to make an investment in her future and with the Pass It Along Fund, she was able to do just that.

Chrysalis helped her enroll in a certified nurse assistant training program and the grant from the Fund covered the cost, including all books and materials. When she wasn’t attending class, Kyra was setting professional goals and preparing for her job search with tailored support from the employment specialists at Chrysalis. After a month of hard work and dedication, she passed the written and practical exams—securing her license and becoming a certified nurse’s assistant.

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The Pass It Along Fund provided Kyra with the resources she needed to advance her career and pursue her dream of caring for others. Like a gift that keeps on giving, the grant inspired Kyra to pass along an act of kindness. She became a volunteer, teaching classes with a local organization that works to improve quality of life for older adults. Now, Kyra is looking forward to continuing her professional and personal growth with the goal of one day becoming a registered nurse.

If you would like to help an individual like Kyra grow by supporting the Pass It Along Fund, please click here.

David’s Story

In 2015, David’s life was upside down. Problems at home forced his five young children into the custody of social services, and he was seriously injured on the job, making him unable to work. It wasn’t long before he could no longer afford housing and became homeless. David was alone. The single father had emigrated to Los Angeles from El Salvador in the 90’s to escape the civil war and did not have anyone to turn to. He eventually wound up in a shelter, but he was determined to bring his family back together.

At the shelter, David enrolled in services that allowed him to gain full custody of his children. The family was reunited. With the help of Koreatown Youth & Community Center (KYCC), they transitioned into permanent supportive housing. But due to David’s limited income and lack of support, the family needed help to make the move a successful one. He applied for a supportive gift from the Pass It Along Fund that went toward the initial rent payment for their new home.

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Now, two years later, David and his family are thriving. The KYCC staff helped him tackle an exhaustive list of legal issues and file a successful settlement over his workplace injury, which has allowed him to regain some of what he lost through his inability to work. Finally, David is able to go back to work and is actively seeking a new job. He spends his free time attending parenting classes as well as meetings for his cooking and fitness clubs. David even serves as a steering committee community stakeholder and volunteers to help set up and take down community festivals. His children have joined KYCC’s after school leadership and enrichment programs and are busy caring for their pet Guinea pig in their free time.

David says he feels blessed; he and his children are happy and at peace. And he wants to pass it along, by encouraging other families to have the courage to make a change.

If you would like to help families like David’s transform their lives by supporting the Pass It Along Fund, please click here.


Natayla’s Story

Natayla was expecting her first child when she lost her mother a few years ago. Her only support was gone. The devastating loss started her young family on a traumatic cycle of moving from shelter to shelter in search of stability. For most of 2015, Natayla and her two young children were homeless. At one point, their only shelter was her cramped two-door car.

This year is different. Natayla and her family will spend the holidays in the living room of their home at Koreatown Youth & Community Center (KYCC). They found that stability at KYCC and moved into permanent supportive housing. Soon after, Natayla’s family received a supportive gift from the Pass It Along Fund. With the gift, Natayla was able to buy household essentials like bedding and kitchen supplies as well as everything she needed to make her children feel at home.

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Having a place with all the comforts of home has greatly contributed to the family’s stability. Since receiving the gift, Natayla has enrolled in key development services including working with a financial coach and has been able to focus on her daughter’s education, becoming very involved in her school.

Natayla didn’t just find stability, she found her voice. The young mother is now an active community leader. She serves as a facilitator, recruiter and speaker for First 5 LA’s Best Start project which helps parents in the metro area use their voices to affect change in their communities. And Natayla is giving back in other ways, like volunteering to help at community events.

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Albert’s Story

There’s something special about being handed the keys to a new apartment. For Albert, the occasion was particularly monumental. After 12 years of struggling with homelessness, he was ready to make a change and was determined to no longer allow his past struggles with addiction and crime stand in his way.

In May 2016, Albert sought help at Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization that specializes in employment assistance. They provided him with training and helped him land his first job in years. Soon enough, Albert was able to secure his very own apartment. For the first time in more than a decade he had his own space, but had nothing to fill it and could not afford furniture. That’s when he was awarded a gift from the Pass It Along Fund.

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With the grant, Albert was able to furnish his new apartment and purchase other items to help him transition from living in a tent on the beach. The funds also helped him save up enough to buy tools for his new job as an Ambassador at a street cleaning and beautification company, and even a new vehicle to get him to work.

Not only did the gift from the Pass It Along Fund provide Albert with immediate relief but it also allowed him to continue to challenge himself and push past his limits. “I felt like I had a secret benefactor, and I guess I sort of did,” says Albert. “If it wasn’t for the PIA fund, I wouldn’t have the things I have, like a bed – and not the pull-out couch kind. A real bed.”

You too can give back and help individuals like Albert transform their lives. To support the Pass it Along Fund, please click here.



Ofelia’s Story

When Ofelia found out she was pregnant, she saved up as much money as she could from her babysitting job to survive the first few months after Jessica was born. Her grandmother and godmother helped out where they could. When her money ran out, Ofelia found full-time work as a house-keeper but she still did not have enough money to buy Jessica a crib of her own. She was sleeping in a play pen, crying all night long. A grant from the Pass It Along Fund changed this.

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“I knew there were people who help mothers like me, but I never thought I would receive this help. When I found out, I was so grateful. The best part is that the help is for who I love most in the world – my daughter.  The grant from The Pass It Along Fund paid for Jessica to finally have her own crib, a mattress, a Hello Kitty bedding set, and a special balance toy that helps her. She loves it all!” shared Ofelia.

Jessica is sleeping though the night and Ofelia volunteers in Jessica’s preschool classroom where both mom and baby are learning so many new things. “Jessica loves to dance, sing and use her imagination,” says Ofelia. “When she grows up, I will tell her what we received from you. Thank you for making our lives better.”

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Diana’s Story

Diana, a widow with a young son, was determined to create a better life for her family. But after putting herself through school and earning an associate’s degree in culinary arts, she found herself struggling to find work because of a lack of experience. As student loans came due, she was unable to cover her monthly rent and meet her family’s basic needs. Not knowing what else to do, she sought help at the P.F. Bresee Foundation. They were able to provide it through the Pass it Along Fund.

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The Pass It Along Fund was established by anonymous donors to provide financial assistance directly to individuals facing a moment of acute need. The only request in return is that these individuals pass along two acts of kindness. Recipients have expressed their gratitude through thousands of generous acts, sharing the help they’ve been given and transforming their communities.

The emergency rental assistance Diana received allowed her to provide for her son while continuing to search for work, eventually finding long-term employment at Urth Caffé. In turn, she gave back by participating in a community clean-up, distributing meals to the homeless and teaching basic cooking classes to students at Bresee.

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