Tips For Grantseekers

Our program staff has compiled a list of important and helpful tips for grantseekers to assist in the application process:

  • First, read through all the available information online. Then, if you still have questions, please call us for further clarification.
  • Focus on the outcomes you aim to achieve with a grant rather than on current challenges or statistics.
  • Describe what your organization does, and how it differs, adds to or improves upon other approaches in the space, while being respectful to the hard work and contributions of others.
  • Provide all – and only – the information requested while strictly adhering to the deadlines provided.
  • Be early in your submission. Waiting until the last minute can be risky, as tech challenges may occasionally arise. Our grantmaking is a competitive process, and we are unable to provide extensions to the deadline.
  • We value partnerships. Consider applying collaboratively with another organization for a larger grant within the stated range of available funding.

Take our interactive eligibility test to see if your organization qualifies for grant funding.

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