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  • Overview

    In addition to our priority grantmaking, we offer other funding opportunities. Through funds like the FEDCO Charitable Foundation and the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation, we offer grants that support a variety of approaches and issue areas. Through our Program Related Investment loans, we seek to expand the pool of lending capital available to build the capacity of Los Angeles nonprofits. Each opportunity has different timelines, requirements and goals, so please read the information provided carefully.

  • FEDCO Charitable Foundation

    The FEDCO Charitable Foundation was created when the FEDCO chain of stores closed in 1999. After creditors and employee benefits were paid in full, the remaining assets of more than $7 million were used to establish the FEDCO Charitable Foundation, a supporting organization of the California Community Foundation, whose staff is coordinating the grant distribution process.

    David Rey
    Program Associate, Education
    213-413-4130 Ext. 218
    fedcofund [@] calfund [.] org


    In addition to CCF’s general eligibility requirements:

    • You must teach K-12 full-time at a public or charter school in one of the following school districts: LAUSD, LACOE, ABC, Culver City, Norwalk-La Mirada or Pasadena Unified.
    • Approval from your school administrator is required with the grant application.
    • Your project should be connected to core curriculum standards and include all students in your class.
    • Your project should include engaging and creative experiential learning activities linked to common core standards or integrate community related topics. (e.g. a nature-themed field trip, a series of experiments, a visit to a museum or cultural institution or community involvement).
    • Your project should increase student academic achievement in one of four areas: language arts, math, science or social studies.
    • Your project must include a final group project for all participating students.

    Note: For application-related questions, or information about the FEDCO Teacher Grant Program, please contact David Rey, education program associate, at 213-413-4130 or email fedcofund [@] calfund [.] org. For technical assistance, please contact a member of the Grants Team at 213-239-2330.

    Important Facts

    • An estimated total of $180,000 is available for the 2017-18 school year.
    • If you are applying as an individual, your grant request must range between $500 and $1,000.
    • Multiple teachers at one school may collaborate and submit a joint application to request for up to $2,000. Joint applications should be from a team of teachers instructing a similar grade level or subject area at the same school. If you are submitting a joint application, only one teacher may submit an application.
    • You must apply either individually or as part of a joint application. You may not submit grant applications for both.
    • You may use grant funds for expenses specific to the project, such as transportation, pre- or post-field trip materials or the creation of final student projects.
    • You may not use grant funds for computer hardware or video cameras, or to pay salaries or substitute teachers.

    2017 Timeline

    • Monday, May 15, 2017 – Thursday, June 30, 2017: Applications for funding accepted.
    • August 2017: All applications reviewed and decisions made.
    • September 2017: All teachers are notified of their application status and grants are distributed.

    FEDCO grant applications are open through June 30,2017. To learn how you can apply, view our application guidelines.

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    Are private school teachers eligible to apply?

    No. Private school teachers are not eligible.

    Are charter school teachers eligible to apply?

    Yes. Charter school teachers are eligible.

    Are preschool teachers eligible to apply?

    Yes. Preschool teachers, like other teachers, must demonstrate the strength of the learning objective as it relates to California standards for the project or the field trip.

    If I reside in Orange, San Diego or San Bernardino County, am I eligible to apply?

    No. Please refer to the following organizations to review the eligibility guidelines and deadlines for Orange, San Diego and San Bernardino County:

    Orange County: Orange County Community Foundation

    Applications are available in September.

    San Bernardino County: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

    Applications are available in September.


    Why do you need my school’s tax ID#? How do I find my school’s tax ID?

    We need to have a Federal Tax ID# (EIN) on file for every organization to which we grant, including schools. If you do not have the school EIN on hand, we suggest requesting the information from your administrator or from finance or payroll personnel who is most likely to know the number. The format looks like this: EIN: 95-3510055 (Tax ID# for California Community Foundation).

    Can I use a FEDCO teacher grant to pay for the transportation cost for a field trip?


    Can a portion of my grant support the hiring of a substitute teacher?


    What is the GeoCoding form?

    We ask that you select from a dropdown menu the Service Planning Area (SPA) in which your school is located. To find your school’s SPA, click here.

    Can I submit a paper application?

    No. We only accept online applications.

    Can I view a copy of the application?

    Yes. Click here to view the application.


    When can I expect to hear back on the decision?

    August 2017.

    When can I expect to get the check?

    September 2017.

    What will be required of me once I have obtained this grant?

    Once you receive the grant, you will be required to submit a final report by June 1, 2018 to report on the project/field trip. Instructions on submitting your final report can be found here.

    Who do I contact for more questions?

    If you have any questions or need additional information about the FEDCO program, please contact David Rey, education program associate, at (213) 413-4130 Ext. 218, or email fedcofund [@] calfund [.] org. If you need technical assistance, please contact a member of the Grants Team at 213-239-2330.

  • Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation

    The Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation was established at the California Community Foundation in 1994, named after Walt Disney’s housekeeper for 30 years. It provides support to projects or programs in Los Angeles County that focus on quality arts-based education enrichment activities for children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

    Howard had great faith in the Disneys, who gave her a few shares of Walt Disney Company stock for holiday and birthday presents. She held on to every share and eventually became a wealthy woman. She passed away on June 10, 1994, just days before her 80th birthday. Through her will, it was her wish that a fund be designated for disadvantaged children.

    Because of her generosity, the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation has awarded more than $4 million in grants. CCF, with the help of an independent board of directors, administers the annual grants. During FY2010, the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation changed its open application process to an invitation-only process, in acknowledgment of its commitment to selected organizations.

    The Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation funds Los Angeles County arts-education programs (dance, instrumental and vocal music, visual arts and dramatic arts) serving children in preschool through eighth grade. Awards for up to $25,000 will be made to art programs that result in at least one of the following: improved artistic, or academic skills, and improved attitude and/or behaviors toward school.

    To be eligible for funding, an applicant must:

    • Be located in and serve Los Angeles County
    • Serve disadvantaged Pre-K through 8th grade students
    • Be a nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code

    The Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation has distinct preferences:

    • for projects that demonstrate meaningful and measurable results for participants
    • organizations where professional artists lead the programming and instruction
    • organizations with strong operational records as well as those with a growing maturity in their work

    Proposals are by invitation only.

  • Lending

    Program-related Investments (PRIs) specifically target experienced Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and intermediary lenders that can leverage additional financing and provide technical assistance to nonprofits in these program areas: health care, affordable housing, early childhood education and nonprofit working capital and capacity building. By providing PRIs to these organizations, which then make loans and provide technical assistance to nonprofits, CCF seeks to build the capacity of local nonprofits to obtain financing and expand their facilities so they can continue to address critical needs in the community.

    Ann Sewill
    Vice President, Health & Housing
    (213) 413-4130, ext. 267
    asewill [@] calfund [.] org


    In addition to CCF’s general eligibility requirements, to be eligible for PRI funding, proposed CDFI activities must:

    • Be focused in Los Angeles County.
    • Be linked to CCF’s program areas and/or other foundation initiatives.
    • Have a strong lending track record and financial performance over time.
    • Have documentation of market need to be served, and ability of proposed lending activity to provide prudent basis for repayment and preservation of PRI capital.
    • Prove that a PRI will leverage other funding sources from other investors.

    Nonprofit organizations should contact the foundation’s selected intermediaries for loan application information and terms.

    How to Apply

    If the CDFI or intermediary lender meets the eligibility criteria, a meeting with foundation staff and PRI consultant(s) may be requested to discuss a potential PRI proposal. Or you may also submit a letter of intent (LOI) that includes:

    • Background on your track record.
    • Summary of the proposed activity to be supported through a PRI.
    • Proposed use of proceeds, both in terms of structure (e.g., re-lending, credit enhancement or other) and types of end borrowers and loans to be supported.
    • Documentation that your proposal will fulfill the eligibility criteria.
    • Relevant background materials as attachments.
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