• Overview

    CCF believes that the prosperity of Los Angeles County’s depends on a well-educated workforce and realizing the potential of future generations. All too often, underrepresented students lack access to quality pre-kindergarten learning experiences, high-quality learning environments and sufficient educational resources that will enable them to thrive. Our goal is to address disparities in student achievement, college readiness and college success for low-income, minority and English learner students, throughout the education pipeline, countywide.

    John Garcia III, Ed.L.D.
    Program Officer, Education
    213.413.4130 Ext. 262
    jgarcia [@] calfund [.] org

  • Strategies & Outcomes
    • K-12, postsecondary policy/advocacy to identify systemic barriers and set of policy/systems solutions for equitable education systems (with an emphasis on key areas such as: LCFF, ELL reclassification, teacher retention, K-12/higher education alignment, college promise programs, reducing/eliminating remediation, closing college attainment gaps)
    • Parent and student engagement and advocacy efforts to develop and build the leadership skills of parents and students so they can become stronger advocates for improved college affordability and closing college completion gaps.
    • Research exploring key issues related to advancing the implementation, design and success of college promise programs and student success services in higher education.
  • Deadlines

    Step 1: Letter of Intent (LOI): LOIs are reviewed year-round on an ongoing basis. Applicant’s strategic plan (approved by applicant’s Board of Directors) is required for all grant requests.

    • CCF Board Meeting Dates: March 2017; June 2017; Oct 2017; Dec 2017
    • LOI Deadlines: Oct 28, 2016, Feb 6, 2017; May 26, 2017; July 25, 2017

    Step 2: Grant Application: Applicants are invited based on review of LOI and strategic plan.

    • Applicants invited: Nov 2016; Feb 2017; June 2017; Aug 2017
    • Applications due: Dec 2016; Mar 2017; July 2017; Sept 2017
    • Site Visits: Dec 2016-Jan 2017; Mar 2017; July-Aug 2017; Sept 2017
    • Board Review: March 2017; June 2017; Oct 2017; Dec 2017
    • Applicant notified: March 2017; June 2017; Oct 2017; Dec 2017
  • FAQs

    Q: How much should we apply for? Will we be eliminated from consideration if our request is too high?

    A: Education grants range from $50,000 to $150,000 over two years. An applicant should submit a request for any amount it deems appropriate based on the needs of the agency. CCF reserves the right to alter the grant award based on available resources. Applicants are not eliminated from funding due solely to the amount of the request.

    Q: If we serve middle school and/or high school students, are we eligible for funding?

    A: Middle and high school support is not currently being offered through the education portfolio. Education grantmaking is solely focused on pre-K through fifth grade support.

    Q: If we focus on computer-based at-home teaching tools are we a fit?

    A: Innovative teaching programs for parents and pre-K through fifth grade programs are considered, but the parent engagement strategy is designed to engage parents via a curriculum that allows parents to dialog with an expert or amongst themselves. 

  • To Apply

    Begin or resume your saved letter of intent.

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