“Capitol Alert: Rebuild”

November 9, 2017    |    Civic Engagement, Los Angeles, Smart Growth

By Alexei Koseff, The Sacramento Bee

“L.A. Transit Agency Is Investing in Affordable Housing”

September 27, 2017    |    Housing and Economic Opportunity, Los Angeles, Smart Growth

By Rachel Dovey, Next City

“LGBTQ Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to be Honored at StartOut Awards in SF”

September 26, 2017    |    Smart Growth

Edge San Francisco

“L.A. At Risk of Losing Millions in New Revenue if Housing Development Slows”

September 12, 2017    |    Housing and Economic Opportunity, Los Angeles, Smart Growth

Business Wire

“Two BWW Operators Give Wing to Disadvantaged Youths”

August 10, 2017    |    Smart Growth, Youth Empowerment

By Nicole Duncan, FSR Magazine

“College Futures Foundation Grant Funds Implementation of Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics Course”

August 9, 2017    |    Education Pipeline, Los Angeles, Smart Growth

Los Angeles Unified School District

“Space invaders: Developers team up to tackle LA’s parking laws”

May 26, 2017    |    Smart Growth

by Justin Sayles, The Real Deal

“$90 Million Equitable Infrastructure Initiative Launched”

February 17, 2017    |    Housing and Economic Opportunity, Smart Growth

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Smart Growth Fact Sheet

September 23, 2016    |    CCF, Smart Growth

CCF’s Smart Growth Initiative is focused on connecting jobs, housing and public space with transit to ensure a brighter future for Los Angeles. The cost of housing and transportation has skyrocketed, many low-income workers are being priced out, resulting in longer commutes, more time away from their families, and poorer air quality for everyone. To create a more equitable, prosperous and sustainable future, we must handle L.A.’s growth in a smart way. The county is taking the first step by rebuilding our public transit system and adding 100 new metro stations.

“Making L.A. a More Equitable Place, Together”

April 27, 2015    |    Housing and Economic Opportunity, Media Mention, Smart Growth

By John E. Kobara for The Huffington Post

“L.A. Moves to Include Affordable Housing in its Public Transit Planning”

April 8, 2015    |    Housing and Economic Opportunity, Media Mention, Smart Growth

Q&A with Ann Sewill for the Council on Foundations

“More Housing, Less Sprawl: Tackling Los Angeles’ Affordable Housing Crisis through Smart Growth”

October 31, 2014    |    Media Mention, Smart Growth

Streetsblog LA

Los Angeles Equity Atlas

December 11, 2013    |    Brochure, CCF Publication, Los Angeles, Research, Smart Growth

Smart Growth Infographic

June 1, 2013    |    CCF Publication, Fact Sheet, Smart Growth

CCF News: Spring 2013

April 1, 2013    |    Arts, CCF, CCF Publication, Donors, Newsletter, Philanthropy, Planned Giving, Smart Growth

Smart Growth, Donor Spotlight: Mort La Kretz, Fellowship for Visual Artists, Legacy Spotlight: Gloria Dell’Aqua Leiding

CCF News: Summer 2012

July 1, 2012    |    CCF, CCF Publication, Newsletter, Philanthropy, Smart Growth

Matching Intent to Impact, Pass it Along, Donor Spotlight: Chandra Wilson, Grant Agreements, Turning Plans into Gifts, Smart Growth

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