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Siobahn Hebron

Siobhan Hebron | Healing Hands

Siobhan Hebron

Siobhan Hebron

Having gone through various medical traumas in the last two years, I have become acutely aware of the burden that having to navigate our healthcare system presents. Even in Los Angeles where we potentially have access to top tier hospitals and cutting edge research institutions, affordable and quality health care is not a guarantee. My experience has led me to firmly believe in the power of a more holistic version of health care, one that embraces it as a communal effort. I have relied on the support of my family, the generosity of friends, the ability of surgeons and doctors, the compassion of nurses and administrators, and the inspiration of patients and social workers. Illness is truly an experience totally isolated as well as shared, and a battle fought by an individual as well as an army.

To learn more about Siobhan Hebron’s work, visit siobhanhebron.com. “Healing Hands” is on display at West Los Angeles Medical Center, 6041 Cadillac Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (map).