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Jaime "Vyal" Reyes

Vyal Reyes | Guardian of the Arts

Jaime "Vyal" Reyes

Jaime “Vyal” Reyes

This angel watches and protects over the public artist and his or her work. Watching the backs of those young and old, legal or undocumented, the angel is forever protecting those whose battles take place in the public forum. The angel is adorned in symbols of protection based on beliefs of different cultures that inhabit Los Angeles. The colors blend together, helping to create movement that helps disguise the angel, allowing safe passage from street to street. Sometimes helping to bring color and life to some of the darkest alleys, as well as provoke thought and inspiration to the busiest of intersections, helping the public artist spread their colorful messages across the city.

To learn more about Jaime “Vyal” Reyes’ work, visit vyalone.com. “Guardian of the Arts” is on display at the Museum of Art and History, 5075 S Slauson Ave, Culver City, CA 90230 (map).