California Youth Connection

California Youth Connection (CYC) builds foster youth’s leadership and advocacy skills to improve California’s foster care system by promoting opportunities for foster youth to speak with policymakers and engaging youth in policy development. As the the only organization in California to engage foster youth in the policy-making process, CYC is now a national model. Every […]

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Funcionarios Electos, Organizaciones Pro-Inmigrantes, y Medios Hispanos Lanzan Sitio Web ¡Protégete!…¡Empodérate Ya!

Centro de información bilingüe provee a la comunidad inmigrante de Los Ángeles los recursos que necesitan para protegerse y empoderarse LOS ANGELES, CA – Una coalición intersectorial se ha reunido para atender las preocupaciones de las comunidades inmigrantes en Los Ángeles acerca de las nuevas acciones y órdenes ejecutivas de inmigración. La coalición, compuesta del […]

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Secure Seniors Fund

With a successful, decades-long television career, Jay Sandrich could retire at any time — not that he’s planning on it. But should he decide to, he and his wife Linda are assured a comfortable, secure future. Together they noticed that each month they receive a social security check which they don’t need. And they know […]

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what matters is not how we differ, but what we share

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