Despite strong contributions, market volatility and increases in grants led to a $33 million decrease in assets from June 30, 2015. Our asset portfolio is divided into four categories that reflect the many types of partnerships between the California Community Foundation and our donors: Permanent Discretionary Funds, Donor Advised Funds, Permanent Restricted Funds and Other Funds.

PERMANENT DISCRETIONARY FUNDS are permanent gifts entrusted to CCF by individuals, families and organizations who understand the flexibility offered by unrestricted gifts. They allow CCF to adapt grantmaking to the evolving needs of Los Angeles for generations to come. These assets represented $472 million, 33 percent of our total assets.

DONOR ADVISED FUNDS are donor-directed charitable funds or foundations started by donors who choose CCF to help them realize their philanthropic visions and goals. These funds accounted for $550 million, 39 percent of our total assets.

PERMANENT RESTRICTED FUNDS are donor-designated funds for use at a specific organization through a legacy or a bequest. These assets made up $110 million, 8 percent of our total assets.

OTHER FUNDS, which include private foundation alternatives, regional affiliates, trusts, community benefit funds and charitable gift annuities, among others, constituted $292 million, 20 percent of our total assets.


$195 Million in Charitable Contributions

Through the commitment and generosity of our donors and foundation partners, CCF received $195 million in charitable contributions this fiscal year. Other Fund contributions saw an 18 percent increase over the last fiscal year, growing to $65 million, while donors and their advisors helped us reach more than $127 million in Donor Advised Fund contributions.

$174 Million in Grants

CCF made more than 6,800 grants totaling nearly $174 million this year, a 12 percent increase over the last fiscal year. This growth was driven by a $19 million increase in Donor Advised grants and strong increases in Permanent Discretionary and Permanent Restricted grants. Nonprofits in Los Angeles County received $91 million, or 52 percent of total grants.


2015-2016 Annual Report