Sometimes the best way to find your own future is to help someone else improve theirs. CCF donor Dr. Sarah Carpenter began her four-decade career in pediatrics with a gift of time. “I volunteered at a free clinic in college, and it had a pretty big impact on me. That’s when I decided to go to medical school,” she said. Throughout her career, she has made community service a central part of her life, volunteering to help young people overcome health challenges and create healthy futures through the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center. “We have kids from very poor families who are struggling to find their own path in life. I want to help them in whatever way I can. Education and health care are the keys.”

The California Community Foundation helps donors like Dr. Carpenter transform generosity into impact on the causes and issues they care about most. We provide services tailored to meet their unique needs and passions, from custom giving plans to arranging site visits and identifying promising giving opportunities. Our staff specializes in finding the most effective organizations to meet donors’ charitable goals, anywhere in the world. This year, our donors gave nearly 4,800 grants totaling almost $130 million, supporting thousands of causes, strategies and approaches in L.A. County and beyond.

Volunteering with Sandy Segal Youth Health Center, Dr. Carpenter sees every day that when you heal one person, we all become healthier. When you share your time and resources with those around you, the whole world becomes happier, more prosperous and more connected. Most importantly, she sees that service is more than just a gift. It’s a responsibility. “It’s like my mother always said,” Dr. Carpenter said. “You have to leave the world a better place than you found it.”

2015-2016 Annual Report