arts open the mind, nourish
the soul and inspire the
heart, so that we can
create without limits


arts open the mind,
nourish the soul and
inspire the heart, so
that we can create
without limits


“Every personal story is really a cultural story. The more you flesh those out, the more connections emerge between different stories, and you start to see a much larger picture of the world.”Sandeep Mukherjee, Artist

Artist Sandeep Mukherjee, a 2009 recipient of the California Community Foundation Fellowship for Visual Artists, wants people to do more than just view the kinetic and colorful artwork that stretches across his studio walls and floor. He wants them to literally step into it and become a part of it, so that it becomes an immersive experience that provokes thoughts and questions.

Sandeep’s CCF Fellowship came at a critical time and gave him the financial support and professional development opportunities he needed to continue the growth of his artistic vision and career. Since 1988, CCF has partnered with donors and the J. Paul Getty Trust to create one of the largest investments in individual artists in California. This year, fellowships totaling $385,000 were awarded to 22 emerging and mid-career artists working in a multitude of media throughout Los Angeles County. To date, the Fellowship has committed more than $2.5 million to support the careers of 274 professional artists.

CCF believes in the power of arts to change people’s lives. That is why we have given nearly $1.8 million in grants this past year to organizations ranging from Dramatic Results, which increases student success by incorporating arts into core academics, to Company of Angels Theater, L.A.’s oldest nonprofit professional theater company. We support smaller and emerging organizations that work to make sure that the arts remain an integral part of life for all of the residents of Los Angeles County.

Sandeep thinks that access to, and the ability to participate in, the arts creates a better and more vibrant world for everyone. “I want people to think about their condition, their relationship to the world, to where they stand at that very minute,” he says. And his work ensures they do.

2014-2015 VISION: Support small to mid-sized, community-based arts and cultural organizations, serving diverse and low-income residents of all ages with local, affordable and relevant programming. Awarded 51 grants & fellowships totaling $1.78 million.