Letter from the President & CEO

The California Community Foundation’s (CCF) 100th year of service to Los Angeles County coincides with the successful completion of our 10-year strategic plan. During this period, CCF has experienced incredible transformation. We are grateful to our donors, philanthropic partners, board of directors and grantee organizations that have collaborated with us to promote the well-being, prosperity and vibrancy of our communities. Together, we have learned and diversified our capabilities, allowing CCF to solidify our presence as an agent of social change for Los Angeles County.

The approval by the CCF Board of Directors of a new 10-year strategic plan reaffirms not only our dedication to our areas of focus, but also to creating systemic change by addressing the root causes of the issues that affect the people we serve. The new plan draws inspiration from the collective dreams of our residents and community partners. It is built on the dreams of donors past and present – the dreams we share for a more equitable and prosperous Los Angeles County.

Significant investment of energy and resources from individuals and institutions across sectors is necessary to fuel lasting systemic change. As part of our new strategic plan, CCF has pledged to give $1 billion in grants to nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles County over the next 10 years. But we cannot do this alone. This investment can be made only through the collective generosity of L.A. County residents – people willing to give of themselves for a better future.

CCF is using our centennial milestone to engage with donors, grantees, civic leaders and new partners in building a region that thrives, and to celebrate the shared heritage rooted in generosity. Our year-long slate of centennial activities is aimed at inspiring L.A. County residents to do more to make a positive impact on our families and neighborhoods for generations to come.

We enter our next century of service armed with a new strategic plan, as well as a renewed commitment to building on our history and adapting to the changing needs of our community. I am humbled by the generosity of our partners and donors, who have shown the willingness, compassion and courage to address critical challenges directly.

I invite you to read more about our work and to join us in building Los Angeles together.


Antonia Hernández

President & CEO