pool-assets-1 Endowment Pool


Seeks to achieve long-term growth, preserving the purchasing power of assets over an indefinite time horizon and providing a relatively predictable, stable stream of distributions that keep pace with inflation over time. Invested for long-term appreciation across multiple investments. Our Investment Committee, our longterm financial partner Cambridge Associates and many external investment managers oversee this pool.
pool-assets-1 Social Impact
Endowment Pool


Aims to achieve long-term growth over an indefinite time horizon, but also adds rigorous environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis as an additional mandate. Invested in a mutual fund with multiple social screens and a long-term objective. This pool is managed by PAX World Investments, a socially responsible investment manager.
pool-assets-1 Conservative Balanced Pool


Offers diversified exposure to investment grade fixed income with maturities from 1-5 years, and to the entire U.S. equity market for purposes of grantmaking over an intermediate horizon, generally 3-7 years. Invested to seek moderate growth while providing the liquidity needed for grantmaking over the intermediate term. Management for this pool is provided by Vanguard.
pool-assets-1 Short Duration
Bond Pool


Offers diversified exposure to investment-grade fixed income with maturities from 1-5 years for purposes of distribution over a horizon of 1-4 years. Strives to provide liquidity as well as to potentially offer additional yield through a bond portfolio. Invested in a bond mutual fund to offer liquidity and modest returns for near-term grantmaking. This new pool is managed by Vanguard.
pool-assets-1 Capital
Preservation Pool


Endeavors to preserve principal, ensure liquidity and provide working funds for present and future needs through investment in high-quality, short-term fixed income and cash instruments. Invested to meet the needs of funds with short-term objectives or goals. Structured to ensure maximum liquidity for grantmaking while also seeking to preserve principal. This pool is managed by our long-term partner City National Bank.