Cradling her youngest daughter in her arms, Silvia Saravia can’t believe the progress she has made. “She’s only been here two months, and her brain is like a sponge. She’s absorbing everything,” Silvia says. Both her daughters attend the Early Child Education Center at Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission, which combines high-quality early-childhood and preschool education with engagement programs that help parents develop the skills to help their children realize their full potential. The impact she sees has been tremendous. “This program has been the best thing that has happened to my kids,” Silvia says.

For 100 years, the California Community Foundation has partnered with organizations like Proyecto Pastoral to create a Los Angeles County in which all residents can thrive. Each of our more than 1,600 funds was created by a donor with a vision for a better future, and we work to make their visions a reality. By investing in the arts, we help develop creativity and support L.A.’s diverse perspectives. By funding education and youth empowerment, we seek to prepare our young people to succeed – from cradle to college to career. By supporting programs that address the root causes of health issues, we aim to ensure that all Angelenos have access to health education and quality care. By investing in civic engagement and immigrant integration, we strive to empower communities to control their own futures and realize the potential of all new Americans. And by increasing access to housing and economic opportunity, we hope to uphold the dignity of our county’s most vulnerable residents and create a future in which housing, public transit and economic opportunities are available to all.

We work hand in hand with our donors and grantee partners to build the future of Los Angeles together. This year, our annual report features some of the many diverse people and organizations that are making an impact on the needs of Los Angeles and transforming the lives of Angelenos like Silvia.

As her daughter runs back to rejoin the class, Silvia smiles, feeling grateful for the skills she has learned from Proyecto and hopeful for what life holds in store for her children. “They will go to high school and college and have a better future,” Silvia says. “They will find their passion in a positive way.”