Business Manager Michael Karlin has a passion for helping others and inspiring individuals with means to give back. As founding partner at Nigro Karlin Segal Feldstein & Bolno, he has been turning to the California Community Foundation to help his clients fulfill their philanthropic passions for two decades. He often recommends CCF’s Donor Advised Funds to his clients – ranging from movie producers to musicians – so that they can avoid the administrative and legal burdens of forming a private foundation while preserving the joys of charitable giving. “CCF does all the heavy lifting,” says Michael. “They have the expertise, the reporting is fantastic and they’re very easy to work with.”

“I keep using CCF because they’re good at what they do. They provide great back-office support for us, and they ultimately make us look good. CCF has helped me immeasurably.”

CCF works with hundreds of professional advisors, including accountants, business managers and attorneys, to help them create custom giving solutions for their clients. Our tax-advantaged giving options and personalized services make the philanthropy process seamless, from vision to execution. One of our specialties is simplifying the process of converting complex assets into charitable contributions, enabling acceptance of a broad range of asset gifts that many commercial brokerage firm funds are unable to accommodate.

Not only does Michael refer his clients to CCF, but he also encourages his peers in financial management to consider us as a resource. He has spoken about our services at the Motion Picture & Television Fund, the CalCPA Entertainment Industry Conference, our own Continued Professional Education advisor forums and other industry events. For him and his clients, our commitment to flexibility, efficiency and due diligence sets us apart..

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